Prophylactics… sounds like a dirty word

IMG_2288But it’s actually really good for you and I practice it before every trip.

I (try) to prepare my body for being outside of my comfort zone.  I do this by taking vitamins and eating healthy things before traveling in order to boost my immune system for a trip.

About 2 weeks to a month prior, depending on the length of the trip, I start taking high doses of vitamin C, vitamin B, probiotics, vitamin D, CoQ10.  Ok many of these I take regularly but when I know I am going on a trip I make sure to take them daily and some I max out on.

So, vitamin C I take 1000 mgs. daily.  I like Airborne, but there are other effervescence that are good.  Vitamin D & B I have in tinctures.  Probiotics I like Good Belly, found in Whole Foods.  They have 20 Billion bacteria per serving (a yoghurt normally has 1-2 million to give you perspective).  A healthy body is supposed to get 25 billion so that is good.  Plus, I take a probiotic vitamin at night.  I like Ultimate Flora, you can also get it at Whole Foods if you are flush like that, otherwise, Amazon does the trick as well.

I hydrate, as usual, and try to use PH Boosters to increase alkalinity.

Anything else?  I think that’s it.

My last trick is to try to sleep on the plane as if I am already in the country.  So, if I am going to India, I leave here at night and I arrive there at night, the next night to be exact. So, I try to sleep a few hours and then stay awake so that I will be tired when I arrive in India and can be on there schedule from the get go.  I take melatonin to help this along, also in tincture form.

Baby yourself and prepare your body by strengthening it before traveling that way you can go stronger and longer while away!


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