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Recently I had the pleasure of seeing the (RSC), Royal Shakespeare Company, in-house production of King Lear starring Antony Sher as Lear. He and the company gave stunning performances at the SRO limited season at the Harvey stage in Brooklyn.

King Lear is one of Shakespeare’s darkest plays: a tale of treachery , deception, murder, betrayal, love and lust, corruption and politics…in short, something for everyone! A dark play for dark times, indeed!

We see Lear about to abdicate and thereby  divide his kingdom among the three daughters, Goneril (Nia Gwynne), Regan (Kelly Williams), and Cordelia (Mimi Ndiweni).

Edgar , son of Gloucester (Oliver Johnstone) and Gloucester (David Troughton), subsequently is blinded in a betrayal by the Duke of Cornwall (James Clyde), assisted by Gloucester’s illegitimate son, Edmund (Paapa Essiedu).

The plot does indeed thicken!

Suffice to say this brilliant production – showed its true colors – is by no means, color conscious. By that I mean “color neutral”. A fine representation of a multi ethnic cast – fifty per cent, Black and White.

Gregory Doran, the play’s Director, had immense vision and fight arrangements choreography by Bret Yount brought on-stage realism, the like not seen in the US for some time.

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