The wonders of Michelangelo at the Vatican museum.

By Michael Reubens


During my Italian adventure in which I recently visited Venice , Florence , Naples, Catania, its regions, and Rome , it was an honor and a privilege to re-visit the Vatican Museum, and more specifically, the artwork of Michelangelo and the magnificent Sistine chapel.

On that occasion I had engaged the assistance of a private guide, who escorted me through endless lines and by-passing equally endless tourists at the museum, explaining in every detail, the meaning of the paintings, the expressions on their faces and the history behind so many art works, sculptures and artifacts.

A truly mind-blowing experience culminated at the Sistine chapel as we entered in silence to gaze up at the ceiling and take in every miniscule detail adorning the chapels’ ceiling and walls of that room.

A recommendation is to hire a guide as one is treated like a true VIP in one of the world’s greatest cities., especially in the high summer season.

I visited the Vatican Museum with the Italian LGBTQ tour operator, Quilky Tours a gay light

My tour can be found on the above subsidiary website.

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