Ruby’s Café. Australia in USA!

By Michael Reubens

New York

To describe Ruby’s Café as intimate, cosy, friendly and inexpensive, would be an understatement! It is that for sure.

Located in the Murray Hill area of Manhattan, this hole-in-the-wall restaurant (and even smaller kitchen) is a money-making gold mine and deservedly so. The volume of diners is intense and there’s always the feel of hurry up and wait – inside and out – and that’s a good thing! Suffice to say the service is quick and orderly and the menu, varied and delicious.

Myself and my guest arrived at 7pm recently for dinner when the space was still filling up and by the time we vacated our table an hour or so later, there was a line scrambling to get in and all tables taken.

I ordered the Crispy Grain Bowl with avocado, radish, snap peas and a side of smoked salmon with a red vinaigrette dressing. My companion selected the Lamb Ragu in a tomato sauce. We shared sides of Brussels sprouts and sweet potato fries. Prosecco, assorted wines and beers were available to complement the meal.

The downside? Ambient rock music, way too loud thereby diminishing polite conversation. Other than that, the perfect neighbourhood local fun place to hang out for a cheap and cheerful breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Aside from this location, Ruby’s is also in the Soho area of Manhattan and Santa Monica, California. Tim, the Manager, originally from Sydney, was on hand for suggestions and ideas. Just say “G’day, mate” and that surely will Bring a smile to his face.

If you really want to feel Aussie, try the Vegemite Toast on sourdough, but be warned, it’s a native acquired taste, what peanut butter is to Americans!

Ruby’s does not accept reservations so be advised to be patient. You won’t be disappointed. We certainly weren’t.


442 3rd Avenue

New York, NY 10016

T 212 300 4245


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