Operation Finale

Film review

By Michael Reubens

I’m of a certain age, but I hasten to add, not that old! Having said that, films about WWII and Hitler are everywhere globally at a cinema near you, and will continue to educate and surprise all of us with facts, fiction and even poetic license.

Case in point Operation Finale, a thriller on the capture and subsequent trial of Adolph Eichmann, indisputably the chief architect of the holocaust and an amazing covert operation to abduct and capture him in Buenos Aires circa 1960, where he subsequently was brought back to Tel Aviv to stand trial.

This is an amazingly powerful portrayal by writer Matthew Horton starring Ben Kingsley as Eichmann and an international cast from the UK, France, Germany, Portugal and the US, including Simon Russell Beale as Ben Gurion and Gretta Scacchi as Vera Eichmann. However the actors portraying the Israeli Mossad Intelligence Agency and Shin Bet Security Team bonded on screen especially Oscar Isaac as Peter Malkin.

It was indeed Mission almost impossible but Sir Ben saved the day as Eichmann, giving an Oscar-worthy performance.

The killing of six million Jews, the so-called final solution and The Nuremberg trials have been recreated on film before but this recreation based on a true story will guarantee to have global cinema goers transfixed as the plot unfolds.

Operation Finale, an MGM film, was shot in Patagonia and Buenos Aires. Rated PG13. Runs 126 minutes.

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