Girl from the North Country

By Michael Reubens

The title above comes from just one of 600 songs Bob Dylan composed being part and parcel of a biographical play variation featuring the works of Dylan, interwoven in this award- winning London import about life in Dylan country, Duluth, Minnesota, USA.

Written and Directed by Conor McPherson, this play with music is a true ensemble piece that needs to be seen at whatever cost and at too short a limited run at The New York Public Theater.

Set in a Duluth Boarding House, we, the audience, eavesdropp at every opportunity as the plot thickens, while introduced to an eclectic household of misfits, family, friends and strangers. It’s raw, passionate and emotionally draining as the characters on stage tell stories and unearth their foibles in the 1930s.

Of the seventeen characters Elizabeth Laine (Mare Winningham), the matriarch of the piece, perceived as slow-witted is in point of fact, sharp as a button. Joe Scott (Sydney James Harcourt ) and Reverend Marlowe (David Pittu), two drifters seeking a roof over their head with many a tall yarn to tell and Dr. Walker (Robert Joy) narrating as the play unfolds tying up the puzzle for us . Just a few amusing and intense personalities.

However it’s the brilliant choreography, delightful scenic & costume designs, orchestrations, song and dance by the entire company that brought Dylan’s music and lyrics to life including mega-hits like “I want you”, “Like a Rolling Stone”, “Forever Young” and the song from the title of the show “Girl from the North Country”.


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