Oceana Restaurant

By Michael Reubens

New York City or more specifically the Theatre-District of Manhattan is inundated with fine-dining and top of the line establishments on par with London , Paris and Rome , or closer to home, Los Angeles or Montréal.

Oceana is in this league: primarily sea food and fish, however chicken and duck are equally displayed on the menu.

Having sampled Happy Hour recently at their sister property, Ousía (*see 23 Oct review), I was curious how Oceana fared in the group. The third, OceanaPoke, will be on my list sometime in the future.

First impressions are fearfully important and from the moment I entered Oceana on a recent Friday evening via the bar, there wasn’t much available space to walk through to the main restaurant areas. The bar and restaurant was at capacity.

Oceana is grand, in every sense of the word – spacious, elegant, a positive ambiance and excellent wait-staff.

With suggestions from Bill, the executive chef, I selected a six-course tasters menu, beginning with smoked trout, followed by Lobster Bolognese in a tomato garlic sauce. The Nantucket Bay Scallops in a spicy garlic oil was plated next, and seared halibut with wild mushrooms and spinach soon followed. Roasted Duck breast on six-spice powder culminated the entrees.

A welcomed few minutes of a civilized interval gave me some wanted deep breaths as Dessert was brought to my table, a vacherin orange sorbet fruit salad.

Jorge, my waiter was patient and professional as was Tara, my knowledgeable wine-somelier. Not since a visit to Windows on the World at the former Twin Towers, Lower Manhattan, have I witnessed a wine-somelier knowing her trade and displaying the most excellent wine-pairings from a global selection.

Friendly staff and a culinary delight.



120 West 49th Street

New York, NY 10020

Tel +1 212 759 5941

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