Rixos Seagate Sharm el Sheik

Rixos is a big brand in the Middle East and its quite opulent and well done.

The hotel is located on the beach in Sharm el Sheik about a half an hour ride to Naama Bay.  Rixos Seagate is one of few hotels on the strip that has its own coral reef directly in front of the property in the water.  There is a long pier from the beachfront you walk out the pier, the guard sets you up with some snorkel gear, climb down some stairs to jump in and snorkel to your hearts content!  This, I must say, made the entire experience.  I was getting my mermaid on for hours a day.

Entering the water was dependent on the waves, with reason, you don’t want to bang up against them and hurt them or yourself for that matter.  Normally, about midday the current would calm enough for them to raise the green flag and there I went!

The beachfront itself was very dry, with the water starting way out about halfway down the pier.  The coral reef stopped the water from going further.  I do suggest you bring some water shoes in case you want to stroll out.  The pool was very nice with a swim up bar.

The hotel itself is huge!  I can’t even tell you how many buildings, let alone rooms there are.  There is a little cart that drives around in a circle picking people up from stops, that’s how big the property is.

The room was contemporary.  The bed was really very hard.  No cross wind so we had to sleep with air con =(.  Everything worked fine.  Generic toiletries.  Very nice Egyptian cotton towels, especially the ones from the beach were very soft.

The buffet was the best I have ever encountered.  They had a lot of local and regional foods including, Lebanese, local Egyptian and some international options.  Just thinking about the local foods is making me salivate, so that says it all.  They had lamb, kofte, chickens, different rice dishes, really it was resplendent.  I am not a huge fan of buffets because I just don’t eat so much and I want to!  But, this was really impressive.

Additionally, there were 5 restaurants and all were excellent.  My least favorite was Salt the seafood one, yet we ate there twice because it was located outside beachside.  The food was good, I guess I just wish it had more of a local flavor.  There was also a Lebanese restaurant that was amazing.  The Chinese was so good I was very surprised! There was another restaurant next to the Chinese, I forget what, we didn’t get to eat there but I am sure it was good.  There was another beachfront restaurant that was a snack place with burgers and pizza, etc., really I wish they would change it into a mezze place.  Imagine, to have some hummus, salads and falafel for lunch would be divine.

The service was excellent, everyone was very friendly and efficient.  Nasar on the beach was very sweet.  I got a cold at one point (from the air con!) and he would bring me tea constantly, so caring.

You can get shisha for an extra fee at the bar area by the beach and at the show area.

The shows were the best I have ever seen outside of NYC theater.  The dancers were Russian and were obviously very well trained.  It was very professional.  The MCs spoke multiple languages, including Russian, English, Spanish, German, so I am sure all will be fine communicating there.

Rixos Seagate was really a lovely hotel.  The all-inclusive option was a good value.  The coral reef directly in front of the property made it magical.  Overall, I recommend to any interested in traveling to Sharm el Sheik.

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