The sophistication and elegance of Traditional Afternoon Tea in New York.

By Michael Reubens

Just thinking about indulging in a refreshing cup of black hot tea with milk (English style) in this cold weather conjures up everything that is the direct opposite of rat-race, hustle and bustle and fast-paced hectic life-styles that’s usually associated with living and working in New York city. In short, divine, delicious and delectable!

Taking in a few deep breaths to unwind in the company of good friends in a relaxing and comfortable environment is always a good thing and voilà, I’m immediately transported into a world of imagination…albeit for a self-indulgent hour or so!

If that works may I suggest a visit to The Crosby Hotel, in the Soho Manhattan neighborhood for refreshment – equal part nourishment for the soul and digestive tract!

I find the ambience of this hotel welcoming. There’s not one inkling of pretention in the house, instead the staff go all out to make me feel at home from the moment I entered the The Crosby Bar.

My guest and i selected the traditional English Breakfast tea with milk, and in individual bone China tea pots with a three-tier selection of thin-crust sandwiches, scones with clotted-cream and strawberry jam and a wide array of cakes…enough to satisfy the hungriest of clientele!

Prior to the tea service, champagne was offered, , making the whole ritual definitely worth the visit!

Dressing up is a must for this London based group of hotels and reservations are requested. I arrived at 4pm – an ideal time of day to enjoy refreshments.

The other owned Boutique group property in New York is The Whitby on West 56th Street near 5th Avenue and Central Park, also serving Afternoon Tea and amenable to non-residents and walk-ins. The other six o&o properies are in Central London.

British food and savoury snacks have long been given a bad wrap over the years but I’m here to set the record straight: As an expat living in the USA for over thirty years, I have dined in the best (and worse) of restaurants in the U.K. and U.S. including a myriad of English tea shops and cafés here in New York. All different in price, value and quality, however this hotel exceeds all expectations.

The Crosby Hotel & Bar has quality service and tip-top menu choices. The Film Club has new films shown in their very own cinema located downstairs, where one can relax and indulge in one of their signature cocktails and sample a Kobe Slider or Rangoon (chicken, cheese curd & pepper) before or after the film presentation. The Film Club menu changes frequently I’m told.

The Crosby Hotel,

79 Crosby Street

New York, NY 10012

Tel (1) 212 226 6400

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