Forbidden Broadway: The Next Generation!

Musical Theatre Review By Michael Reubens

Not since Mel Brooks film and stage renditions of the hilarious The Producers have I guffawed so
loudly at the antics, send-ups and spoofing of show-Business and insider-jokes than this current production of Forbidden Broadway by Gerard Alessandrini, featuring a talented ensemble of actors that sing to the hills and entertain and amuse from beginning to end sans intermission.

Hal Prince, Bob Fosse, Gwen Verden, Judy Garland/Renee Zellweger, Lin-Manuel Miranda, were just a few lampooned beyond irony as well- orchestrated vignettes from God, I want to see this, a self-explanatory intro to what’s hot on Broadway to Everything’s got to be a Musical and Mary Poppins: The place where the lost shows go and There’s Gotta Be Something better than this (Sweet Charity) indicating what not to see on The Great White Way!

Moulin Rouge is now Moulin Rude, Oklahoma became Woke-lahoma! and Hadestown morphed into Forbidden Hadestown. The Yiddish version of Fiddler on the Roof was yet another show-stopper with Tradition vamping and camping into Translation. The Ferryman was insufferable however terrific and Harry Potter and His Cursed Child: Magic for two, was beyond clever. All so-called “11 o’clock numbers”.

Chris Collins-Pisano, Immanuel Houston, Aline Mayagoita, Jenny Lee Stern and Joshua Turchin performed flawlessly. Fred Barton, Musical Director and at the piano, Gerry McIntyre, choreographer, and creator and Director, Gerard Alessandrini ( as stated prior), all brilliant in their respective off-stage roles.

Lovely to see this show at this Theatre. The Triad’s loss is the York’s gain. I do hope to see more of this ingenious revue in their next incarnation in the future.

Playing thru February 16th.
York Theatre at Saint Peter’s.
54th Street at Lexington Avenue in New York City.
Tel +1-212-935-5820


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