Myanmar in 5 Days Yangan, Bagan & Lake Yangan

5 Day Myanmar Sampler (Yangon-Bagan-Inle lake-Yangon) As the name implies, this 5 Day tour is a sample of the major highlights of Myanmar. On this fascinating tour you’ll explore the Myanmar iconic Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, the ancient temples of Bagan and picturesque Inle Lake. Tour Code: VC02A Destination: Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake Duration: 5 Days Tour... Continue Reading →

Hot Springs in Taiwan

...are a wonderful, relaxing, purifying and an "authentic" experience. I got dropped off up the stairs from the river and was told "all of those are hot springs hotels, just choose one".  And down the stairs I went. The first spot to the right looked empty and according to the picture they had only one pool,... Continue Reading →

Norway’s Food Situation

Norway: a land of hot Vikings, beautiful fjords (that means waterway, like a river by the way, I had no clue before visiting), yodeling, Heidi-look-a-likes and smoked fish...Yup, that’s about it for their culinary experience, smoked fish, oh yeah, and 7-eleven. My daydreams of Norway were of gorgeous, over 6-foot tall men sweeping me away... Continue Reading →

My First Safari was in India see the Bengal Tigers in 2006.  And, I really think that was a wonderful intro to safari experience for many reasons.  Firstly, the tigers are going extinct so there was some pressure to see them sooner than later. It was said they will be gone by 2025. (I hope that that number has changed). Secondly,... Continue Reading →

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