Dietrich, a play with music

It is a rare find to have a talent that can channel a superstar from the past and, like magic, transform the off-Broadway cabaret room, The Triad into the Tatania Palast Theater, Berlin, cerca 1960. Cindy Marinangel does just that in the guise of Marlene Dietrich as she sweeps us back in time from her... Continue Reading →

The wonders of Michelangelo at the Vatican museum.

During my┬áItalian adventure in which I recently visited Venice, Florence, Naples, Catania, its regions, and Rome, it was an honor and a privilege to re-visit the Vatican Museum, and more specifically, the artwork of Michelangelo and the magnificent Sistine chapel. On that occasion I had engaged the assistance of a private guide, who escorted me... Continue Reading →

Your home away from home in Florence…

I recently spent some time in Italy and visited Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples and Sicily as party of my "Italian Adventure". In Florence I had the pleasure of staying at Palazzo San Niccol├┤ and Palazzo Belfiore, two apartment residences o&o by the same company and both elegant, unique and definitely "An Authentic Florentine Experience", as... Continue Reading →

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