My first trip abroad was when I was 13 years old.  My brother was doing a year in London with school and my other brother and sister were backpacking around Europe.  My mother took me to go visit my brother.  She stayed maybe 2 days in London and handed me to my siblings and said, “OK I am going to Italy! You take care of her”.  This says many things about me and my family, but the point here is the travel!

I started working for an airline many moons ago to feed my travel habit.  Then, as time went on I started attending travel conferences to learn more about the industry and to get intel on destinations and hotels, etc.  As a result, I now have thousands upon thousands of contacts throughout the world.  Anywhere you want to go, I can get you info on and recommend the who, what, where and when!

I live to travel.  It is what makes me feel alive.  I hope to share this with you!

Betty Davis

(yes, that is my name…)

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